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Updated 10 Oct 2016, to include death information for Harlan Dean Siebrecht & Orland Samuel Sloat.

Updated 10 Jun 2016, to include death information for Ruth Allene (Karr) Lacy.

Updated 29 Mar 2016, to include additional information on the David Henry Lindgren Family, thanks to contributer Connie L. Whyrick.

Updated 10 Feb 2016, to include death information on Darold Arthur Lindgren

Updated 05 Nov 2015 to incorporate various corrections & additions, including the Cindy Lou LindgrenPatricia Lindgren, Colleen Kay Lindgren, & JoAnn Lindgren families.

Updated 6 Aug 2015 to include burial location of  Frederick "Frank" Tishendorf & his 2nd wife, Anna.

Updated 4 Aug 2015 to include additional information on Alphonse Scherlin's family.

Updated 30 Jul 2015 to include a marriage for RaeVonne Walth.

Updated 25 Jun 2015 to include a new leaf on the tree - Darold Hunter O'Keefe

Updated 29 Apr 2015 to include burial information on Simon Nordquist

Updated 28 Apr 2015 to include family information on Charles Ivan Lacy's descendants.

Updated, 27 Apr 2015, to include additional family information on Rachel Lindgren & Rylan Lindgren pages. Two more twigs on the Anders Lindgren tree have been added.  Also, additional information on the Elmer Tishendorf family page.

Updated, 25 Jan 2015 to add burial information on Maynard Emory Anderson.

Updated 17 May 2014, to include arrival of Jonathan Asher Farnsworth, another twig on the Edward William Lindgren tree.

Updated 16 May 2014, to include arrival of Abraham Darold Moore, another twig on the Edward William Lindgren tree.

Updated 13 May 2014, to include marriage of Sarah Banks.

Updated 29 Mar 2014, to include death information of Raymond W. Abbey, father-in-law of Frank N. Tyburec (deceased).

Updated 4 Mar 2014, to add the obituary of Conrad Leander Olson.

Updated 8 Feb 2014, to add the obituary of Stanley James Tyburec.  Thank you Donna for the notification.

Updated 10 Sep 2013, to add information on the descendants of Leonard Carl Lindgren II, provided by Erika Lindgren.  Thanks, Erika!

Updated 22 Feb 2013, to correct Craig family information.  Thanks, Sharon!

Updated 7 Dec 2012, to include information on Paul Elden Hoffman's 1st wife, Evelyn Anita Becking, and 2nd wife, Dorothy J. Crosby, and additional information on his children.  Information provided by Lois Hoffman Ditter.

Updated 29 Oct 2012, to include information from Clara E. Bengtson Tishendorf's obituary.  Supplied by Gayle Neuhaus.

Updated 28 Sep 2012, to include Hoffman family information from Lois Hoffman Ditter.

Updated 11 Sep 2012, to add family information provided by Philip & Kelly Sloat and Bonnie Lacy.  (Thank you, Bonnie, for  all the Lacy information & the copy of your grandmother's book, "Light After Darkness, The Life of Esther Lindgren Lacy - it's been fascinating to read some of the family stories that I had heard while growing up, & so much more!)

Updated 10 Sep 2012, to add family information provided by Patricia Lou Lindgren  Jons , Donn & Alicia Vanden Bosch, & Paul George Vanden Bosch                                                                                      

Updated 9 Sep 2012 to add family information provided by Colleen Kay Lindgren Kaczor.

Updated 22 Aug 2012 to include additional  US Census information on various descendants of the Lindgren family, and to include obituary information on Dawn Iris Lacy West. and Theodore V. Olson.

Updated 16 Aug 2012 to include new information from Linda Lindgren Paulson & Susan Dianne Lindgren Kotas Mogen.

Updated 31 Jul 2012 - to correct/add information on the Leske family - Debra, Joleen, David, & Jimmy.  Thanks to David Leske.  Also, to correct/add information to JoAnn Lindgren page.  Thanks to JoAnn Banks

Updated 30 Jul 2012 - to include information on the Lyla Melloon, Wayne Melloon, Floyd Melloon, and Bethel Melloon lines. Thanks to Lyla Siebrecht & Bethel Iverson.

Updated 24 Jul 2012 - to include updated information on Alice Olive Lindgren , Frances Lindgren , and Selma A. Lindgren lines.

Updated 10 Jul 2012 - to correct error with Simon Nordquist information.  The Simon Nordquist I listed was apparently a different Simon Nordquist of a different age.

Updated 5 Jul 2012 - to include new information on the descendants of LaVerne Evelyn Anderson & Lumir Tyburec, provided by Donna Tyburec. And to include Melissa Marie Lindgren O'Keefe's husband's name.

Updated Mar 2012 - to improve  Index of Individuals page, and to add various Find A Grave entries.  Also, added Vermeline family information to Laverne Lindgren & Marian Lindgren pages.

Updated 14 Mar 2012 to welcome Maxwell Vincent Sterling into the Lindgren family.  Thank you, Lorean Mulford Schoepf!

Updated 24 Jan 2012 to correct error to Anders Lindgren page & to improve Index of Individuals links.

Recent updates include information and corrections from Mark Schmidt's interview with Hazel (Lindgren) Shanahan, plus other sources, on the Edward Lindgren line.  Also further information from the 1983 Saunders County History was incorporated.  Leonard C. Lindgren, b: 23 Aug 1902, was changed to the Carl Henry Lindgren line, where he correctly belongs.  Apologies for the earlier confusion.

Updated 07 Aug 2011 to include corrections & new information from Bill & Donna Lindgren on the Edward William Lindgren - Ernest Theodore Lindgren line.

Updated 10 May 2011 to include corrections & new information from Colleen Dougherty Dillard on Rose E. Lindgren and Evelyn Lindgren.  Supporting data from census, birth, & death record citations added to Bibliography.

Updated 13 March 2011 to include new census information & additional information on William Lindgren.

Updated 9 Feb 2011 to include information from Nancy Burdick on the Tishendorf line and from June T. Skole's obituary. Also, obituary updates on Rachel Sloat and Lyle D. Drieling

Update note:  02 Aug 2010:  Correction to LaVerne Evelyn Anderson's death date, Email from daughter, Marie Tyburec.

Update note: 02 Aug 2010:  Correction to Edward Lindgren family tree provided by Mark Schmidt Emails from January 2009.  Sorry, Mark, to get these updated so late!

Update note:  22 Mar 2008:  Added JoAnn Lindgren page, supplied by Joe E. Thurstenson.

Update note:  07 Feb 2008:  Update to Jennie Marie Lindgren entry.

Update note:  29 Dec 2007:  Update to Darold Arthur Lindgren family, addition of Arthur Donovan Lindgren page, information supplied by Jacob Lindgren.  Thank you, Jacob!

Update note:  29 Dec 2007:  Added information to Darold Arthur Lindgren page - parents of Jacqueline C. Raymer.

Update note:  11 Dec 2007:  Orpha Lindgren Melloon family information added.  Christian Adler Leske added.

Update note:  16 Oct 2007 - Additions and Corrections to Judith Lindgren/William Flisram family, and Julius Lindgren family, courtesy of Billy Ray Flisram and Lorean Schoepf.  Thank you for sharing!

Update note:  18 Sept 2007 - Corrections to Wilhelmina Skogland family information, courtesy of Lorean Schoepf.

Update note:  09 Sept 2007 - Added information from Wallace Kruce.  Corrected Simon Skogland information.

Update note:  03 Sept 2007 - Added Paul Eugene Lindgren web page.  This information comes from "Descendants of Paul Eugene Lindgren" report generated by Robert J. Lindgren, which came to me via Lorean Schoepf.

Update note:  24 Aug 2007 - Corrections and additions provided by Lorean Schoepf to Gustaf Albert Lindgren and Julius Lindgren pages.  Thank you, Lorean!

Update note: 21 Aug 2007 - Added information to Julius Lindgren family.  Thank you, Lorean Schoepf!

Update note: 01 Aug 2007 - Changes to Helen O. Lindgren/Orville Pearl Mulford branch of the family.  Thank you Lorean Schoepf for the additions and corrections to this branch.  Please see the Helen O. Lindgren entry and the newly created Lorean Mulford  and Dennis Mulford pages.

Update note:  2 Apr 2007 - correction to Helen Lindgren information supplied by grand-niece Elizabeth Lindgren.

Update note:  4 Mar 2007 - correction to David Leske family supplied by David Leske.

Update note:  18 Jan 2007 - added Ellen R. Kruce obituary information supplied by Reed Perkins.  Also added Intelius search information on some individuals.