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Philip Charles Sloat  married  29 Dec 1984 to 1) Laurie Sue Morrison.   (Divorced March 2001)

They had 3 children:

1.  Helen Morgan Morrison-Sloat married 13 Sep 2008 in Omaha, NE, to Joshua Barsell

        Helen & Joshua have a child:

        1.  Chloe Amanda Barsell

2.  Wesley Samuel  Morrison-Sloat

3.  Kylie Amanda  Morrison-Sloat


Phillip then married 26 Apr 2009 in Tekamah, Burt, NE,  to 2) Kelly Lynn Glancy, daughter of Paul Herbert Glancy and Carol Jacobson.

Kelly had been previously married to Rochelle Delley.  Their children are:

1. Lauren Kelley, married 2 Apr 2011 in Lincoln, NE to Jordan Nichols

2, Julian Cato Delley

3.  Jacob Paul Delley

4. Rachel Nicole Delley