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Patricia Lou Lindgren married 13 Oct 1978 in Pickstown, Charles Mix, SD to Joel S. Jons, son of Alvin Jons and Verna Nordquist.

Children of Patricia & Joel Jons:

1.  Sara Jons, m:  on 7/26/2005 to Grant

              Children of Sara & Grant Boyer:

                1.  Ben Boyer

                2.  Noah Boyer

                3.  Jake Boyer

2.  Tommy Jons, m: on 7/02/2011 to Debra Feddersen.

                Children of Tommy & Debbie Jons:

                1.  Kye Jons

3.  Jennifer Lynne Jons, m: on 6/19/2007 to Macy Mitchell.

                Children of Jennifer & Macy Mitchell:

                1.  Jet Mitchell

                2.  June Mitchell

                3.  Jaxon Mitchell

4.  Billy Joel Jons.