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 (Updated: May 30,  2016)

Handheld Chess Programs

Stockfish My favorite free chess program.  Runs on many platforms.
Android Chess Chess programs from the Google Play Store
Chess Tiger Now available on the iPhone as "Chess Pro - with coach".  
ChessGenius Richard Lang's great program available on many platforms.
Asim Pereira Chess Excellent chess tactics and other fine chess programs for Android! 
Shakki Sharp graphics featured but program currently has weak play.
IntelliChess Pocket PC program that also acts as a client!


Other Computer Chess Pages

Chess Programming Wiki A wealth of chess programming information can be found here! Covers the history of computer chess! 
HIARCS Chess Software Highly renown chess software for many systems, including handhelds!
Tim Mann's Chess Pages Plenty of great info and super links to multiple computer chess resources!
Lucas chess An interesting way of learning chess against different computer engines!
Gizmo's Freeware Chess Page A number of interesting chess software links are featrured here.


Online Chess Playing Sites

Gameknot Play online and/or practice solving a myriad of chess puzzles. IM Kalin Karakehajov's offers online chess play, links, and opening analyses. A very popular site featuring online play and educational info.! One of my favorite site for playing correspondence chess! Play correspondence style chess games.  Non-chess games also featured.
Internet Email Chess Club This email chess playing site has been around for many years and is well run.
FICS Chess Server  ( Popular free site for online chess players.
Chess Lab Features chess, checkers, backgammon, and gin rummy!
Internet Chess Club Very popular site for online chess and other chess activities.
Red Hot Pawn Online Play online chess against other people or a computer!
Chess Cube Considered by many to be one of the best playing sites.


Chess News Sites

Chessbase News An excellent site for current chess news, trivia, and tournament results. A quality site featuring many great articles by well-known authors!
The Week in Chess One of the original quality chess news sites.  Still going strong today!
The Chess Mind Excellent site featuring recent chess news and developments.
Chessdom Coverage of chess news, current and past tournements, and more. Frequently updated site providing plenty of chess news & more!
Chess24 news page Provides quality articles featuring the latest chess developments.'s Chess page Excellent articles on current chess events and great links to other sites.
Europe Echecs Superb site offering the latest chess news and much more.  (In French)
New In Chess Chess Magazine and over 2200 links to other chess sites.


Chess Discussion Forums, Games, & Database Sites Just signed up here myself and am checking it out!
The Chess Exchange Active chess forum covering many chess-related topics.
Chess DB Look up players in any federation!   500K+ players/millions of games Over a half million games online and much more! Live tournaments and matches with realtime computer analysis.
Lar Balzer's Chess Games Links Source of millions of chess games.  All available for downloading!


Chess Improvement and Other General Chess Links

From Beginner to Chess Expert... A new chess improvement page with many links for beginners.
Drakensang Online Chess Page Links to sites featuring chess history, improvement, online play, and more! Superb chess resource page - especially for those new to the game!
IchessU Learn and play chess online with an experienced chess tutor!
Amateur Chess Organization A new world chess organization for amateur chess players!
Asim Pereira's Chess Blog Interesting articles and ramblings from chess developer Asim Pereira.
Carolus Chess Interesting chess history and culture site! This chess author and book reviewer has quite an interesting site here.
The Chess Website "All around" site providing chess  learning and game playing opportunities. Offers a book, training video, and other misc. chess learning resources. Official site of the U.S. Chess Federation
Chess Graphics Alan Cowderoy's site is probably the best for chess photos and graphics! Chess video and discussion site.
Chess Journalists of America Devoted to the promotion of high quality chess journalism.
Chess Tempo A lot of chess exercises here!
Chess Express Ratings An interesting chess ratings service for individuals and clubs.


Chess Retailers/Manufacturers & Software Sources One of the best all-around and reliable chess internet retailers. 
House of Staunton Great source of very high quality chess sets and related products.
ChessBazaar A well-established chess retailer based out of India.
The Chess Piece A chess retailer with with an interesting mix of products.
Caissa Editions Bookstore An excellent site offering older and historical chess books for sale.
Fred Wilson Chess Books New and old chess books, training videos, and much more.
Wholesale Chess Retailer of of many chess-related products.
ChessUSA Chess retailer that offers online discussion forums.
Made In Firenze Unique and luxury chess sets!
Chess Central Offers a variety of chess software, books, and other items.


Scholastic & State Chess Federation Links

Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis
Madison (Alabama) City Chess League
Madison City Chess League Facebook Page
Alabama Chess Federation
Tennessee Chess Association
National Scholastic Chess Foundation
Chess'n Math Association

Northwest Washington Scholastic Chess

Northwest Chess

Chess-in-the-Schools's Scholastic Chess Page

Mississippi Chess


No Longer Active (But Still Useful) Chess Websites

Horizon Chess Info on how to incorporate Winboard compatible chess engines.
Lokasoft Covers Rebel and a number of other chess programs.
Chess Programming A links page on computer chess programming resources.
Chess Town Resource providing links to many computer chess sites.
ChessMetrics Jeff Sonas' unique site on chess statistics.
Chess in Translation Russian chess news and interviews in English.
Filebuzz Chess software for smartphones.
Electronic Chess Features (mostly) tabletop chess computers from the past 40 years.
Correspondence Chess News Archive issues available from a great chess site of yesteryear!


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