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My favorite chess program, the one I use the most is Christophe Theron's "Chess Pro (with coach)".   About two years  ago, I started writing up a more detailed review of this program.  But haven't yet gotten around to finishing it.  Here is a link to the newer content as it currently stands.   


Why This Site on Chess Equipment?

Around 17 years ago I started getting serious about learning how to play chess.  Though I'm not a strong player, I really enjoy playing the game and many other aspects of the "chess world".  I also enjoy sharing what I've learned about chess with others.  

Originally I reviewed handheld chess computers and programs.  Later I expanded my website to include reviews of other chess-related merchandise.  In addition to handheld chess software and gadgets, you'll find, on my site, reviews of a few tabletop chess computers, a chess clock, and even a book covering scholastic chess. 

Chess is a great game that has been popular for 1400 years.  Here's hoping it will continue to be popular for centuries to come! 


On what device do you play Chess?

If you're playing chess on a handheld or other portable device, I'd love to hear about what program/device you're using and how well you like it.   Just drop me a note at:  


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