Welcome to “Reflections”.  On these pages, I attempt to share my faith in God.  I’m not a theologian, nor do I have any degrees (advanced or otherwise) in religion, philosophy, or the sciences.  However I've always believed in God and in the afterlife.   Recently, in my spiritual life, the Lord has given me such great consolation, that I feel compelled to share my faith with others.

While I am a Catholic, I've tried to develop this site's content to appeal to all who seek God or at least are somewhat curious about him.  If, over time, this site contributes to bringing even one person to God, or brings others into greater fervor of their Christian faith, then I will consider all my efforts, in developing these pages, well spent.  Thank you for coming to this website.  I pray that all who visit these articles of “reflection” will receive additional graces to lead holier lives as they progress thru life.

Immediately below are links to the reflections I’ve written.  At the bottom of each article I’ll provide an email link should you have any questions or comments.

The One Thing That Matters

My Frequent Prayer

A Plague of Our Time - Religious Indifference

A Treasure Trove of Spiritual Instruction

You are Immortal!

Is My Faith Alive?

Battleground Earth

The Importance and Power of Prayer

It is Never Too Late to Pray

Thank You Grace L. Tangen

Make Time for Silence

The Trillion Year Retirement Plan

So Much Wasted Time

A Short Autobiography


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