The One Thing That Matters

Our Final End.  That is the only thing that matters.   Do we spend eternity with God or without him?

The key moment of our existence occurs at death.   When our body’s faculties fail to the point where it can no longer be attached to the soul.  It is at that moment our ultimate destiny is determined.   If we are found to be in a state of grace, if we love God above all else, we’ll see him in heaven.   It may be likely that we'll have to go thru a final purification process (purgatory) first.  But our final destiny will be an eternal joyful experience that we cannot yet possibly imagine.

On the other hand, for those who die in mortal sin, those who die with no affinity for God and want to have nothing to do with him, God will grant them their wish.   They (the damned) will spend eternity as far away from God as they can possibly be. 

Now, from everything I’ve read, you do not want to be counted amongst the damned.   Everything in scripture, Church tradition, and in private revelation experienced by the saints, indicates that the damned are going to be totally miserable forever. And forever is a very, very, very, very, long time. 

Think about it!  We’ll spend perhaps up to 100 years on planet Earth.   How we live for those 100 years (much less for many, a few more years for others) will determine how we experience all of eternity.   This is of INFINITE IMPORTANCE to us.   NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! 

So how are we to live?   We all have different callings.   But whatever you do, offer it all to God.  Start each day saying a little prayer where you offer to God the upcoming day’s joys, sufferings, accomplishments, failures, challenges, and pleasures.  Offer to God EVERYTHING!

If possible, find a short prayer of exhortation that you can say to God throughout your day.  Keep God in mind in all that you do.  Make it a habit to find a quiet time and place where you can center your thoughts on God.  As one priest would remind me, “and when praying, don’t do all the blabbing”.   When in prayer, allow your mind to go silent for a while.  Give your soul a chance to listen to what God has to say.

When you’re ready for bed, don’t forget to tell God “thank you” for bringing you safely to end of the day.  Thank your guardian angel too for protecting you from the powers of evil and in guiding you throughout your day.


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(This article was last updated August 28, 2017)