A Short Autobiography

While I want these webpages to be about God and not about me, I suppose it is only fair that I do present a bit of information about myself so you have some inkling of who the author is for all this material.

My name is Chris Kantack.  I was conceived (and thus simultaneously infused with an immortal soul), in my mother’s womb, sometime in the summer of 1958.  This makes me 58 years old as I write this (August 2017).   I’ve been married to a most wonderful woman for over 3 decades now.  We have two children (boy and girl) both grown. 

Since 1980 I’ve been working in the field of computers and data processing.   Originally I was a programmer and developed a number business and accounting systems.  Later in my career I moved into the field of computer systems administration.  Initially I was a Unix administrator but have recently focused on Windows systems administration and information security.

I’m a “cradle Catholic” and have regularly attended Mass all my life.   There were several years, during my late teens and early-to-mid-twenties), when I stopped visiting the Sacrament of Penance (Confession).  But since then I’ve always strived to attend Confession regularly and have continually read the Bible and other religious works.  I’ve lived in several different cities over the years.  In some cities I would attend daily Mass and get involved in parish activities.   In other places I was much less active and mainly went thru the motions of just attending Mass each week and on holy days.   However, for the past several years, I have had a great appreciation for Eucharistic Adoration.  Thus I do “visit Jesus” quite frequently when the opportunity arises. 

During some of my “wildest young adult years”, even while attending daily Mass, I’d also attend Protestant services including the some Pentecostal ones.  I have a deep appreciation for some aspects of Protestant faith especially the love, enthusiasm, and spirit that I see amongst some of the Pentecostal denominations.  But the special presence of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Eucharist, along with access to the Sacrament of Penance, has always kept me centered in the Catholic Church.

This year (2017) has become a very special year for me.  At the beginning of the year, I started to listen extensively to a lecture series sponsored by the “Association of Hebrew Catholics”.   Over the course of listening to the lectures, my understanding and joy of the Lord has increased so substantially that I feel compelled to share it in some way.  Hence this website and these articles that I hope will inspire others to also seek and become more joyful in the love of the Lord.


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(This article was last updated August 7, 2017)