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Frank William Fotheringham was born 09 April 1905 on the farm near Academy, Charles Mix, SD.  He died 16 December 1988 in the hospital at Mitchell, Davison, SD, and is buried in Highland Cemetery, Fairfax, Gregory, SD.

On 12 September 1929, at Ward Academy, Charles Mix Co., SD, the Rev. L.E. Canfield of the local Congregational church performed the wedding ceremony of  Frank William Fotheringham and Ernestine Ivagene Girton.

Ernestine "Ernie" Ivagene Girton was born 01 August 1906 on the family farm in Charles Mix County, SD. Her parents were William Arthur Girton and Mary Frances Thompson.  She died 18 March 1999 at Wagner, Charles Mix, SD, and is buried with her husband in Highland Cemetery, Fairfax, Gregory, SD.


Frank  loved to tinker with things mechanical.  As a young man, he was one of the first in the area to obtain a Model T and convert it to a hot rod.  In those days, sports cars were lowered on the rear axle to improve traction.  He used to state that the car had good acceleration, but seeing where you you were going was a problem.

He never finished school because, when his mother died, his father and grandmother needed him at home to help with the work of raising the children.

The neighboring family, the Girtons, had some daughters that used to visit his sisters frequently.  One, Ernie, used to love to boss him around.  She wound up bossing him for the rest of his life.

The children of Frank and Ernie Fotheringham are:

Betty Lou Fotheringham

Melvin William Fotheringham  17 Aug 1937 - 29 Dec 2017

Mary Ivagene Fotheringham  17 Aug 1937 - 14 Jun 1973