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Melvin William Fotheringham was born 17 Aug 1937 on the family farm near Platte, Charles Mix, SD.  He was the twin of Mary Ivagene Fotheringham  He died 29 Dec 2017 in Arizona.  His body was cremated.

On 20 Nov 1957, he married (1): Barbara Ann Draper (b: 6 Aug 1941, d: 7 Mar 2007, Find A Grave Memorial# 70411406).  They divorced.  Barbara then married Richard D. (Dick) Hines,  on 10 Oct 1964.  Dick adopted Melvin/Gary & Marsha.

The children of Melvin Fotheringham and Barbara Draper are:

1. Melvin William "Teke" Fotheringham, Jr.,  became Gary "Teke" Hines

2.  Marsha Lee Fotheringham became Marsha Lee Hines.

Melvin then married (2) Virginia Hill.  Virginia had three children by a previous marriage.  Her children were Craig, Janet, and Renee Hill.

Melvin and Virginia divorced.

Melvin then married  (3) Bo Gyu Lim on 11 July 1975 in Waukegan, IL. They have one daughter:

3.  Patricia Lim Fotheringham


Melvin was a career Navy man who began his training at Naval Station Great Lakes. Because he was still not quite of enlistment age, he brought a signed waiver from his father.  He trained as a Dental Technician and served aboard the carrier USS Kitty Hawk during the Viet Nam conflict.  The Kitty Hawk was decomissioned 12 May 2017 at Bremerton, WA after more than 48 years of service. Prolonged sea deployments contributed to the sinking of his 1st marriage.  He was still based in San Diego, CA when he married his 2nd wife. This occurred after he returned from his final sea deployment.  He spent the first part of his naval career in the Pacific theatre, deep in the bowels of the carrier.  He used to say that the only time he saw daylight during those sea deployments, was when he had liberty at one of the overseas ports - Hawaii, Japan, or the Philippines. 

His final overseas deployment was in Morocco for about 2 years.  There his 2nd marriage hit rough waters, ending shortly after their return Stateside.  He returned to NAS Great Lakes, where he finished out his Naval career.  It was there that he eventually met the hard working lady who became his 3rd and final wife.

After retiring from the Navy, he opened his own successful Dental Lab in Waukegan, IL, north of Chicago.  There he remained until retirement from his 2nd career. He sold his business and moved to Goodyear, AZ with his wife.  Unable to endure the idleness of retirement, he soon became involved in a  local dental lab, working full time at first, then cutting back to part time until failing health finally forced him to retire yet again - this time completely.