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Possible Family of the 3 Lindgren brothers - based on information supplied by Donna Tyburec:


According to recent information discovered by Donna, this might be the family of our 3 brothers.  If so, the widow of a 4th brother also came to America.


Anders Nilsson, b: 18 Oct 1806 in Sweden.  Spouse:  Maja Andersdotter, b: 21 Nov 1816 in Sweden.  Both died in Sweden.


1.   Carl Peter Carlstrom,

2.  Anna Stina Andersdotter, b: 17 Jan 1838 in Sweden

3.  Anders Alfred Andersson (Lindgren?) b: 30 Sep 1840 in Sweden

4.  Mathilda Amalia Andersdotter, b: 15 Oct 1843 in Sweden

5.  Nils Fredrik Andersson (Lindgren?), b: 12 May 1847 in Sweden

6.  Adolf Victor Andersson (Edward Lindgren?), b: 25 Feb 1851 in Sweden.


Additional information on descendants of Carl Peter Carlstrom has been extracted from U.S. Census & Find A Grave databases.