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The Jonas  (Jonsson)Johnson Family of Charles Mix Co., South Dakota

Note:  Information on this family is a compilation from a variety of sources, none of them primary, and few more recent than about 1985. 

This particular branch of Johnsons came from Sweden.  The family name has changed a bit, because family naming originally didn't have a surname.  While some individuals adopted surnames based on plants, locations, or occupations, others simply were identified as the "son" or "dottor" of their father.

So, the earliest ancestor of this line was:

Jonas, son of Lars (Larsson), born 15 Feb 1786, Kroksjo, Umea, Vasterbotten, Sweden, died 15 Feb 1862 in Sweden.  He married about 1811 to Anna, daughter of Anders (Andersdotter).  She was born 09 Aug 1788 in Hedemor, Kopparberg, Sweden, and died: 11 Dec 1877 in Sweden. 

Their son, Jonas, became Jonas Jonsson.  He was born 11 Mar 1816 in Storsandjon,,Sweden and died 29 Aug 1855 in Sweden.  He married about 1842 in Sweden to Maria Louisa Nilsdotter.  She was born 14 Sept 1820 in Norsjo, Vasterbotten, Sweden, and died 04 Nov 1881 in Sweden.  They had 2 children:

1.  Andrew Johnson, b: 17 Dec 1845, d: 25 Nov 1915.

2.  Marie Johnson, born in Sweden, married Erik Ohman.

   Their daughter was Maria Efrusina Ohman