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Martha Eleanor Johnson married Robert Ritter.

They have three children:

1.  Shannon Rae Ritter married Carson John Walker, son of John and Arlene Walker.  They have four children:

        1.  Samuel Wade Walker

        2.  Ellie Rae Walker (adopted)

        3.  Ethan John Robert Walker

        4.  Sawyer Carson Walker

2.  Todd Gary Ritter  married Cari A. Steil (divorced).  They have three daughters:

        1.  Hanna Rae Ritter

        2.  Emma LeAnn Ritter

        3.  Grace Ann Ritter

3.  Kristin Emily Ritter  married Peter Beenen, son of Logan and Lucy Beenen.  They have a a son and twin daughters

        1.  Logan Robert Beenen

        2.  Sadea Jo Beenen

        3.  Sophia Martha Beenen