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Helen Lindgren, born 1918 in Nebraska, died 2008,  married  June 1944 in Malmo, Saunders, NE, to Richard  J. "Dick" Houfek (born 1917, died 2007).  Both are buried in Edensburg Lutheran Cemetery.

Dick was caretaker at Mt. Carmel summer camp, Alexandria, MN, when they married.  In Oct 1949, they moved back to Nebraska, where Dick worked as as farmhand for about a year, near Gretna, NE.  He then rented his uncle's land near Weston, NE for about two years. They next farmed near Prague, NE. After that, the family moved to Lincoln, NE, when Dick found work in the maintenance department of the Back to the Bible Broadcast.  Beginning in 1974, Helen worked as a bookkeeper.  Dick worked for Tabitha Home, beginning in 1971.

Helen and Richard had 4 children:

1.  Daniel Houfek,  In 1982, he was a technical writer at the Hewlett-Packard plant in Colorado Springs, CO.

He has a son:

        1.  Greg Houfek

2.  Nathan Houfek, married Linda Rose Unknown.  Nathan is a minister.

Nathan and Linda have 3 children:

        1.  Hans Houfek

        2.  Karl Houfek

        3.  Paul Houfek

3.  Rebecca Houfek

4.  Joel Houfek married Lee Ann Mehrens

He was a teacher and coach at LaVista, NE in 1983.