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Dwayne Elvis Lindgren was born on the family farm near Fairfax, Gregory, SD. 

He married Betty Lou Fotheringham at Hope Congregational Church, Fairfax, Gregory, SD.  Betty Lou Fotheringham is the daughter of Frank William Fotheringham and Ernestine Ivagene Girton. 

After his father's death and his mother's move to town, Dwayne operated the farm for his mother until her death at age 97 years of age. Dwayne and Betty Lou raised their six children on the farm.  He continued to operate what remained of the family farm until failing health forced his retirement.  The land is now rented to younger farmers.

The children of Dwayne Elvis Lindgren and Betty Lou Fotheringham are:

1.  Rene Beth Lindgren

2.  Rodney Kent Lindgren

3.  Randel Dean Lindgren

4.  Rylan Rhuben Lindgren

5.  Robert William Lindgren

6.  Rachel Lee Lindgren