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Dawn Iris Lacy,  born 22 Sep 1916 in Cheyenne, Laramie, WY, died 07 Aug 2012 in Hilliard, Franklin, OH.  Burial:  Braceville Cemetery, Newton Falls, OH.  She married (in a double ceremony with brother Rhuben & his bride) on 07 Jun 1943 to  Rev. Kenneth M. West. ( born 10 Jan 1908 in Idaho, USA, died 26 Jun 1997 in Stark Co., OH), son of Ward N. West and Gertrude Alice Stafford.  Kenneth attended Immanuel Missionary College in Colorado Springs, CO in 1940.  He was listed in that Census with younger brother, Delbert.  Dawn graduated People's Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1943, and taught there in the high school department.  After their marriage, Dawn & Kenneth lived in a variety of places, including Hartman, CO, Hayes Center, NE, Newton Falls, OH,  Cincinnati, OH, and Alliance, OH.  She moved to the Columbus-Hilliard, OH area in 2008.

They had two children:

           1.  James Ward West married Sandee

            2.  Naomi Dawn West married Charles Lee