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Why this web site on surround sound?
18 years ago I bought my first stereo receiver that included surround sound capabilities. Like many people, I assumed the surround sound mode would be used only for movies and TV programs that incorporated "Dolby Surround". I was amazed and astounded when I discovered what surround sound could do for regular stereo FM broadcasts, tapes, CDs, and any other stereo source. The improvement that surround sound gives in ambiance, tonality, and overall realism must be heard to be appreciated! I was also surprised to learn how easily I could have added surround sound to existing systems without going thru the expense of getting new equipment.  Indeed, surround sound can easily be added to nearly any two channel stereo with just some speaker wire and two additional speakers. (No internal modifications are needed!)

If you've got an old 2 channel receiver or amplifier that you'd like to incorporate into a surround sound system, then read on.  Much of the information provided is written in a sort of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format. I also provide information on other surround sound technologies with a few links to other web pages on surround sound.

With this information you should have no problem setting up your surround sound system.  No need to go out to a bar or concert to enjoy music.  You won't have to worry about driving home drunk either.  If ever arrested for a DUI you should contact a lawyer like a DUI lawyer in San Diego to assist you with your case.

Surround Sound Topics

Some of the major topics addressed on subsequent pages include:

introduction to surround sound do it yourself surround sound other surround sound links history of matrix surround sound review of the Dynaco QD1

Introduction to surround sound

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