The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence is a book written by Cardinal Robert Sarah and Nicholas Diat.  First written and released in French (in 2016), an English translation was published by Ignatius Press in 2017. 

There is much beauty in this book.   Throughout the text you'll find page after page of beautiful quotes and insights regarding the necessity and wonder of silence in prayer and the liturgy.  At times I found some of the vocabulary quite rich but not overly difficult.  A few times I found myself looking up the meaning of various terms I had not encountered before but overall this is a very readable tomb.

You can purchase The Power of Silence from a variety of sources, both in physical and electronic form.  Regardless of whether you are Catholic, if you live within the boundaries of a Catholic Parish, you may be able to download this book at no charge thru  If you're not familiar with, click here for more information on how to register and get access to this wonderful library of audio, visual, and written materials.

For those of you who can't get access to, I'll list a few possible sources below.  It makes no difference to me, where or how you purchase this book.  I do not have any associations with the companies listed below.

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(This page was first posted on October 25, 2017)